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European Media and Technology Entrepreneur


Adrian Johnson is a technology and media entrepreneur. Since 1993 he has co- founded several companies, including Poptel, Germany's first phone-to-phone Internet telephony service provider (VC-funded and successfully sold in a trade sale in 1999); Archimation (, Germany's leading architectural animation and visualisation company; and MrFootage (, a web- based footage library, selling film clips to the advertising, television and film industries. Adrian’s most recent venture, Inheritance Media (, is developing web-based applications for the film industry and a video pitching and social networking site for entrepreneurs, investors and mentors (Qinect). Inheritance Media has created the platform for the crowd- funding, audience participation and alternative distribution of BAFTA-nominated Director Ed Blum’s new film “The Laughter Clinic”.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Adrian began his professional career with ICI. After his MBA, he switched to the IT services industry, later working for the German Treuhandanstalt privatising East German companies in Dresden and Berlin.

With an Electrical Engineering degree from Imperial College in London and an MBA from INSEAD in France, Adrian has a passion for new media, music and film. A budding 3d animator, film-maker and composer, his dream is to compose the score for his first semi-animated feature film!

Adrian is British, but spent his childhood in Sierra Leone, Kenya, the USA and the UK. His ventures were founded in Germany, France and the UK.


film-making, music composition, cycling, skiing, gym fitness, table tennis